ON DEMAND WEBINAR: The Why, the What, and the Where of Food Allergen Reference Materials

With the increase of individuals suffering from food allergies all across the world and the need to provide better and safer food, the food industry is moving more and more toward risk assessment approaches and starting to implement threshold levels for allergen content in food products. There is a need to make food allergen labeling more comprehensive and move away from precautionary labeling. This requires reliable and reproducible analytical tools but due to the nature of the analytes and their susceptibility to various processing effects, reliability, and comparability of results can be a challenge. Here is where reference materials come into play. Reference materials are key to assure the quality, reliability, and comparability of analytical results obtained with different analytical methods.

During this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • Why there is a need for reference materials;
  • What is the best approach to producing reference materials;
  • How reference materials are validated; and
  • Where can reference materials be applied.

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Increase Productivity in Your Lab Operation

Food testing laboratories continue to experience increased productivity demands while resources shrink. Method development of new, wide scope assays or adding extra scope to existing methods can pose an unnecessary challenge – a more efficient way to implement these analyses is needed and easier review of increasingly large data sets is also required. This presentation will showcase a series of solutions available to help laboratories quickly and efficiently implement new analyses. Free Registration is now open by clicking here.

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Is Your Supply Chain Safe?

Supply chain risk management is an essential part of customer and brand protection. It’s also a key requirement of FSMA. In this free webinar we’ll show you which specific hazards currently pose the greatest threat to a wide range of food ingredients. Participants will how to identify food fraud vulnerabilities in less than a minute and much more. Registration is now available for free by clicking here

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ON-DEMAND: Pesticide Analysis in Cannabis

In the United States and Canada where medicinal or recreational cannabis has been legalized, quality and safety testing is a regulatory requirement. Of all the mandated safety and compliance tests, residual pesticide analysis is particularly challenging due to the highly complex cannabis matrix. Register for free to learn how to optimize your pesticide analysis in cannabis through a comprehensive approach.

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ON-DEMAND: Challenges in Vitamin Analysis of Food Matrices

Register for a free webinar discussing vitamin analysis of food matrices. With the development of nutrition research, advances in food processing technologies, and recent changes in regulation from FDA, traditional analyses of vitamins become inadequate in both quality and efficiency. Optimized or revolutionized methods are in need. This webinar introduces the current challenges in vitamin analysis and provides the strategies for improving methods.

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ON-DEMAND: Applying Risk-Based Thinking to Food Safety

Register for a free webinar and explore the concepts of Hazards and Risks, build a framework on applying risk to existing processes and outline how the different standards and regulations look at risk in operations. We will discuss risk and it’s impact on Quality and Safety and demonstrate the ways in which like-minded companies have approached this concept with success and much more.

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