POSTERS: Food Safety and Authenticity Analysis using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Ensuring food safety and quality is increasingly challenging. Staying at the forefront of the latest trends, ahead of issues, and focused where you need to be—delivering the highest quality and value to your customers—is imperative.

Agilent presented posters at the ASMS 2021 Conference demonstrating the latest technology in food safety and authenticity analysis.

These important resources are available now. Register for free access to the following posters:

  • Profiling of Vitamin B in Fortified Daily Nutritional Supplements Using LC-MS/MS
  • Detection and Accurate Quantitation of 14 Water Soluble Vitamins and 14 Fat Soluble Vitamins in Supplements by LC-MS/MS Triple-Quadrupole
  • Compensating Matrix Effect and Low Extraction Recoveries by Adopting Procedural Standard Calibration Approach for Quantification of Mycotoxins in Milk Samples
  • Development of the Integrated Solution of Data Processing and Combined Reporting of Multi-Residue Pesticides Analysis using both GC/MS and LC/MS
  • Robust and Verified LC-MS/MS Workflow for Screening of Multi-class Veterinary Drug Residues from Various Food Matrices

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Cannabis: Analysis of Active & Toxic Substances

Cannabis has garnered a great deal of new attention due to the increasing instances of its legalization for recreational use and indications for medicinal benefit.

This infographic provides you with an overview of the most important active ingredients and impurities in cannabis, step-by-step descriptions of two common sample preparation methods, and a comparison of the pros and cons of GC-MS and LC-MS/MS for the characterization of cannabinoids and pesticides in cannabis.

What you will get:

  • An introduction with the an overview of the most relevant active and toxic substances in cannabis.
  • A step-by-step description of a THC extraction procedure.
  • Tips and tricks and what to consider for the sample preparation for pesticide analysis.
  • GC-MS vs. LC-MS/MS: the pros and cons and which method is most qualified for the respective substance class.

The content of the infographic is based on two comprehensive reviews and one recent research article on the characterization of active and toxic substances in cannabis.

Download this free infographic now and get a breakdown of all you need to know about the common methods and challenges of cannabis analytic and sample preparation.

This infographic is brought to you by Wiley with support provided by Sartorius.

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