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How to Submit Your Story Idea

Food Quality & Safety publishes content pertaining to news, trends, and issues in food safety and quality control, from farm to fork. Every story must present practical, usable information for our readers—material that is immediately helpful to them in their professional lives. For more information on how to contribute, review our Contributing Writer Guidelines.

How To Submit a “Letter to the Editor”

Food Quality & Safety welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be no more than 500 words and e-mailed as an attachment in Microsoft Word format. Include your name, title, and organization. Send your email to Professional Editor Samara E. Kuehne at

Correspondence relating to all other EDITORIAL matters should be sent to: Samara E. Kuehne Professional Editor T: 818-732-5702

Correspondence relating to ADVERTISING should be sent to: Bob Zander Senior Account Manager T: 312-925-7648

Correspondence relating to REPRINTS, should be sent to:

Correspondence relating to the WEBSITE, including any technical issues, should be sent to:

Correspondence relating to posting EVENTS should be sent to:  (Download our Event Listing Form.)

Correspondence relating to SUBSCRIPTIONS should be sent to: or 844-862-9286 (or 856-255-5537 if calling from outside the U.S.).