ON-DEMAND: Determination of Choline in Infant Formula by Ion Chromatography

This webinar will discuss the improvements made to the IC method for the determination of total choline (free and bound forms) in all forms of infant formula/adult nutritionals/pediatric formulas (powder, RTF, and liquid concentrates). The Reagent-Free™ IC (RFIC™) system requires only a source of degassed DI water for generation of high-purity eluent, simplifying operation while increasing precision and accuracy.

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Marian Zboraj has served as the editor of Food Quality & Safety since late 2012, working from the John Wiley & Sons corporate headquarters in Hoboken, N.J. She previously held editorial positions for a variety of B2B publications in industries such as nutracueticals, eyecare, and industrial manufacturing. She resides in northern New Jersey.

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