Vinyl- and Latex-Free Protective Wear

PolyConversions, Inc. has introduced vinyl- and latex-free VR Protective Wear, which provides protection that is impervious to puncture and cold-crack resistant. Designed to replace vinyl and other traditional plastics, VR is odorless, contains no toxic substances or plasticizer, and can be safely land-filled or incinerated without harm to the environment.

VR replaces conventional protective garments intended to safeguard clean room and non-clean room employees from potential chemical or biohazard contamination. Approved for direct food contact, VR has also been tested to provide resistance against hazardous acids, such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric.

Its durable, lightweight design is ideal for use in contamination control in food processing. The VR line of protective wear includes aprons, sleeves, gowns, sleeve gloves, boots, shoe covers, and rainwear.

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