Using Enterprise Quality Management to Increase Visibility and Quality Transparency

Headquartered in the Netherlands, DSM is committed to consistently meeting customer expectations regarding brand, quality, and service, and has established quality as a key differentiator. Over the last three years, its business strategy has led to over €2.8 billion in acquisitions. The Nutritional Products division helped transform DSM’s business into a supplier that provides vitamins, carotenoids, and other fine chemicals to the feed, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

With quality management always a top priority, DSM Nutritional Products understood the need to ensure the resources to collect, track, and report on its quality processes. As a result, in order to manage existing global facilities, newly acquired companies, and a complex global supply chain, DSM Nutritional Products decided it needed to implement a single integrated quality management system to support its current infrastructure that would streamline quality process adoption for any future acquisitions.

DSM Nutritional Products needed a quality system that would globalize, standardize, and automate multiple processes throughout all entities of the business by eliminating disparate solutions, providing visibility into their quality processes across the entire enterprise, and improving collaboration between different regions, offices, and departments. DSM also needed a way to create a common language across all entities throughout the world. In order to meet its requirements, the company decided to implement TrackWise enterprise quality management software from Sparta Systems.

TrackWise is used by quality, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs professionals to manage compliance, reduce risk, and improve safety across the global enterprise. It is a single, integrated system that is flexible and configurable, adapting to company-specific requirements and business processes. This enables manufacturers to define, track, manage, and report on the core quality activities vital to their success, while facilitating analysis and reporting on quality data across the supply chain.

DSM Nutritional Products chose TrackWise due to its scalability and configurability to meet the company’s business needs. It could manage the company’s 17 core processes on a single global platform, creating a standard way of operating across all markets and all countries. The enterprise quality management system was introduced in 86 sites across the globe with over 1,800 users. DSM Nutritional Products was able to create a global and local view and connection among sites and divisions that allowed for increased transparency.

The quality system has successfully enabled DSM Nutritional Products to escalate issues faster, improve communications with external stakeholders, proactively deal with issues, and identify resources issues.

Sparta Systems recently announced the availability TrackWise Mobile, which mobilizes the full spectrum of business processes managed within a customers’ TrackWise environment. In addition, the company has released new offerings for business intelligence (TrackWise Analytics) and for a Web-based supplier quality management solution (Stratas), enabling organizations to make better insight and decisions to manage compliance, quality and risk.


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