Reducing Risk of Microbial Contamination

Reducing Risk of Microbial Contamination

It seems the mainstream media’s attention on the food industry gets more critical with each new headline, making the issue of ensuring food safety more important than ever.

“With bacterial outbreaks in the food industry, microbiologists have looked for alternative methods in quality control,” comments Sinderella Abdallah, microbiology product manager at Advanced Instruments, Inc. “With that in mind, the market has developed various systems, varying in speed and accuracy, to aid microbiologists.”

Doris Engesser-Sudlow, diagnostics global director at DuPont Nutrition & Health agrees. “Increasing regulatory requirements for controlling pathogens, such as for STEC in the U.S. or Salmonella serotypes in Europe, are driving an increased use of rapid testing methods.” Engesser-Sudlow explains food companies are looking at every step of their process, including improving shelf life, sample collection, automation, reduced labor cost, and testing accuracy.

Luckily, companies like Advanced Instruments, DuPont, and others are answering the call to provide diverse solutions for food companies. For instance, Advanced Instruments’ Autoplate Spiral System provides a reduction in costs by eliminating up to 75 percent of materials required with serial dilutions by providing a 4-log dilution effect across a standard plate in a 35 seconds cycle time. Meanwhile, Roka Bioscience offers an all-in-one molecular pathogen detection design. Its Atlas system can save valuable bench space and eliminate the need for additional equipment, like centrifuges or biological safety cabinets. TandD ensures users don’t have any gaps in data collection with its wireless instruments that deliver error-free record keeping. And besides food diagnostic systems formerly available under the Qualicon name, DuPont Nutrition & Health also offers its DuPont Danisco range of ingredients to provide enhanced protection against unwanted microbes and other benefits.

With the spotlight put on food contamination as of late, laboratories can rest assured there are comprehensive solutions available that have the capability to meet all their microbial testing needs and ensure their products don’t make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Zboraj is Editor of Food Quality.

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BAX® System real-time PCR assay for Salmonella

BAX® System real-time PCR assay for Salmonella

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