New Center to Provide Unbiased Research on Food Ingredient Safety

The food, beverage, and consumer products industries, along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Michigan State University (MSU), are partnering together to establish the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS). An independent, academic, science-based center, CRIS will serve as an unbiased source for information, research, training, and analysis on the safe use of chemical ingredients in consumer packaged goods including foods, beverages, cosmetics, and household consumer products.

The center will be located at MSU, an institution well known for faculty and educational programs that work toward improving food safety concerns.

CRIS’ research efforts will include developing and validating new methodologies to determine the most effective methods for assessing ingredient safety in food products. The center will also help establish a graduate training program that prepares scientists for a career in evaluating the safety and toxicology of ingredients in food products, which includes training in risk assessment and U.S. and international regulatory policies.

Also partnering in this new endeavor is University of Michigan Risk Science Center at the School of Public Health. Its focus will be establishing effective communication and engagement to facilitate evidence-informed dialogue and decision making. It will serve as an information hub for anyone looking for insights into the science behind CRIS’ research.

By addressing food ingredient safety issues, CRIS will be able to provide regulators and decision makers with the most current and accurate findings in a timely fashion to ensure consumer safety and enhance consumer confidence and trust in food.

The center will be supported through the establishment of an endowed chair that will be funded with contributions provided by organizations and individual supporters.


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