2016 MEDIA KIT2016-Media-Kit-and-Marketing-Guide

The Food Quality & Safety Media Planner 2016 includes editorial information, reader demographics, rates and specifications, and 2016 editorial calendar. [PDF, 2.13mb].

BPA Circulation Statement
BPA Worldwide is the global industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge. BPA delivers audits that provide solid assurance for both media owners and advertisers. Download the latest BPA statement here [PDF, 271kb].

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Advertising Rates 2016

2016 Editorial Calendar

Understand the needs of Food Quality & Safety’s readership (and your customers) from “A Profile of the Leaders in the Adoption of Food Product Technology.” This study discusses trends in engagement of senior food processing managers in safety issues, challenges impacting the ability of suppliers to bring food safety to market, current investments being made in food safety technology, and more.

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Food Quality & Safety‘s Mission

Our mission is to advise all levels of quality and safety decision makers in food manufacturing, food service/retail, and regulatory and research institutions on strategic and tactical approaches required in a rapidly changing food market by examining current products, technologies, and philosophies. Launched in 1993 as Food Quality, Food Quality & Safety magazine has remained a catalyst that unites industry professionals.

The Integrated Market Leader

For 20+ years, Food Quality & Safety has been providing strategic and tactical approaches necessary for quality assurance, safety, and security in the food and beverage industry. By providing expert-contributed, must-read editorial, Food Quality & Safety informs the decision makers in food production about solutions to their quality and safety projects.

The best vehicle to drive industry leaders through the buying process is Food Quality & Safety’s suite of media products. (Source – Food Quality & Safety study “A Profile of the Leaders in the Adoption of Food Product Technology” conducted in May 2013 by Martin Akel & Associates.) Food Quality & Safety is viewed as the superior media brand in terms of serving the professional’s food safety informational needs (i.e., authority, relevance, etc.). It is where more industry professionals:

• First learn of the existence of individual suppliers/products/services.
• First form impressions about what suppliers/products /services stand for.
• First position competitive suppliers in their minds regarding their differences.
• First determine which brands to evaluate when they move into the buying process.

In routinely capturing the attention of its readers, Food Quality & Safety delivers its advertisers an unrivaled ROI with an audience looking for solutions.

Editorial Excellence

Food Quality & Safety is a publication of Wiley. As one of the world’s foremost academic and professional publishers and the largest society publisher, Wiley publishes more than 1,400 scholarly peer-reviewed journals and an extensive collection of books, major reference works, databases, and laboratory manuals in print and electronically. Both Wiley and Food Quality & Safety have strong track records of leadership in editorial excellence. By introducing synergies with its sister publications within Wiley, Food Quality & Safety has strengthened its editorial content with unique access to peer-reviewed scientific content.